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Royal High School FP Golf Club

The Royal High School FP Golf Club was founded on 23rd February, 1884 at a meeting in the Albert Hotel in Edinburgh.     It has moved into its third active century and matches are held regularly throughout the year.    Its inclusion in the RHS Club website is at the request of its committee, who wish to see expansion of its activities, and increase the numbers of participants at its golf outings.   A record of the inaugural meeting is shown in the Photo gallery


Club Captain Geoff Freedman announced the fixture list for the year.


3rd May

19th May

30th June

25th August

8th September

13-15 September

October t.b.a.

29th November









Brunsfield – Match between FPs and School

Glenburn #1

West Linton

Glenburn #2

Craigmillar Park

Queen Elizabeth, Royal Burgess

Royal Burgess

Prize giving Mortonhall



Please email me with those games you would like to play in. The game against the school is likely to be a 9 man team and hopefully those who fought hard to get the club going again will try and play in that and impress on the boys the importance of keeping this club going into the future.

The outings to Glenburn, West Linton and Craigmillar Park are all sponsored by Tom Frankish again – thanks Tom – so there will be a collection of £10 per head at each outing to pay for the engraving etc. at the end of the year. There will also be a £5 membership fee for the year.

Please remember what Tom said at the Dinner. His course – The Glenburn – is open to anyone who wishes to hire it to have a separate corporate day. You can book it for a small party of up to 16 for 9 holes or 18 all played with hickory clubs. I am sure the charges will be quite a bit less than corporate rates.

The Queen Elizabeth must have a ‘young’ low handicap team this year! We have done well to keep this fixture going and have not disgraced  the school but we need to compete this year so let’s have some low handicaps coming forward. We need 8 players who play a good 2 ball match play game that will intimidate opponents.

I would like to get a commitment to numbers for the prizegiving dinner which will be about £20 and we want to encourage partners. Last year this was one of the most successful meetings the club has had in our resurgence.



Annual Report

It was a year of rain and cancellations but we made it through and had 4 outings and an excellent Prize Giving dinner at Mortonhall at the end of the Season.     A photo of the trophies can be seen here,

We had over 20 participants within the year and therefore now feel the club has been revived sufficiently to be able to make some plans for the future.   Our first outing to Glenburn on the 10th June (summer) had to be reduced to 9 holes because of weather. That resulted in a new winner, Callum Chalmers for scratch and that old familiar trophy winner, Sandy Lyon took the handicap.

West Linton on the 19th August (mid-summer) started full of promise – see picture above. The course was in excellent condition, due to all the rain, and we started in good heart. Unfortunately torrential rain come down half way through which turned to hailstones and when it went off 5 holes later midges attacked what was left of us. Two quality players did not let conditions get to them - Martin Bryden took the scratch and Scott Mather the handicap.

On the 16th September we were presented with another miserable day which cheered up in the afternoon and resulted in a two man race to the finish. The two old timers, John Ross and Geoff Freedman fought for the spoils, John collecting the scratch by a small margin.

Finally on the 7th October we managed to get a good day at Craigmillar Park. This outing had been cancelled from earlier in the year because the course was flooded. The course in October was in excellent condition and 16 players turned out and returned good scoring. Mike Kidd had been playing lots of golf just before and it showed in his winning the handicap trophy. On the other hand Mark Freedman won the scratch only having played a half a dozen games in the year

One of the highlights of the year was the team almost winning a round of the Queen Elizabeth Coronation Trophy. This is a very prestigious tournament and requires a 6 man scratch team. We had a problem getting a team together but we turned out, led by our usual ‘A’ team of Scott Mather and Martin Bryden who won their match - as they did the previous year. Unfortunately the other two teams lost by very small margins. Mark Freedman and Kenny Ramsay had no excuse apart from their opponents being much lower handicaps but John Ross and Geoff Freedman did and made history as the oldest team to play in the tournament - a combined age of 132 years.

The handicap hole and hole competition was hard fought in the semi-finals and the final which was played at Craigmillar Park – a home tie for Mike Kidd, having won the toss for home advantage against Geoff Freedman. That was to be his last and only piece of luck. Modesty does not permit me to tell you what happened in a devastating 5 holes around the turn - but I emerged the winner.

The end of season dinner at Mortonhall G.C. was a highlight in so many ways. Wives and partners were invited and added a bit of sparkle to the evening’s enjoyment. We spent the remainder of the cash we collected for engraving etc. on wine for the tables. A group of us hired a bus so there was no driving - which proved a success. Tom Frankish stood up and made a sponsor’s speech and offered us one more year of free green fees for our outings. The prizes were modest but the trophies carry a great deal of prestige. I said a few words about the history of the school and golf club and everybody was reminded that they are part of something very important, historically.

The plan for 2013 is to build on the success of 2012. We need some good weather, a good QE team and let’s make a success of our new fixture – FPs against Pupils at Bruntsfield. I am determined to continue with local courses on a Sunday afternoon,

Geoff Freedman (Captain until someone else volunteers!)


2012 Results


Competition revived club

Winner 2008

Winner 2009

Venue & date 2010

Winner 2010

Venue & date 2011

Winner 2011 score

Venue & Date 2012

Winner 2012 score

Brydone Trophy

Outing 1 Scratch steel

Nail Thomson

Scott Mather

Mortonhall 30.7.2010

M Freedman scratch 78

Glenburn 3.7.11

M Freedman 35.5 steel



Callum Chalmers

Millidge Madal

Outing 1 Handicap hickory

Mark Cadle

Kenny Hutt

Mortonhall 30.7.2010

S Lyon Hdcp 37 points

Glenburn 3.7.11

Mike Kidd

36 hickory

Glenburn 10.6.12

Sandy Lyon

Stevenson Medal

Outing 2 scratch

A Hogg

Ian MacAskill


No Comp

Craigmillar Park 21.8.11

P Dalgleish


West Linton 10.8.12

Martin Bryden 77

Smith Medal


Outing 2 Handicap

Nail Thomson

Kenny Ramsay


No Comp

Craigmillar Park 21.8.11

G Freedman


West Linton 19.8.12

Scot Mather

35 points

Lawson Trophy

Outing 3 Scratch was hole & hole high Hdcp

Eddie  Dalgleish

No Comp


No Comp

Glenburn 11.9.11

Sandy Lyon




John Ross


Sanderson Medal


Outing 3 Hdcp

Geoff Freedman

No Comp


No Comp

Glenburn 11.9.11

Charlie Bryden 77



Geoff Freedman

Thomson Irvine Trophy

Outing 4 scratch was combination of 2 outings

Mark Freedman

No Comp


No Comp


No Comp



Mark Freedman


Inches Medal

Outing 4 Handicap

Charlie Bryden

No Comp


No Comp


No Comp


Mike Kidd

Challenge Cup

Hole & Hoe

Nail Thomson

No Comp

Final Glenburn 15.6.10

Geoff Freedman


No Comp


Geoff Freedman

Championship Trophy


Club Champion











News just received advises us that Captain and Secretary have changed this year.   Niall Thomson and Eddie Dalgliesh respectively have assumed the reins, and their details can be seen in Contacts    Details of 2008 Winners are available in the Fixtures and Results section

The page is split into sections - please click on the hyperlinks.



Fixtures and results

Photo Gallery

Contact us



Newsletters are compiled by the Captain and edited for this publication by the RHS Club website administrator to whom comments about its contents may be addressed.  The newsletters are also emailed to all currently known email addresses.

2007 Newsletters

2007 saw Paul Dalgleish continuing the good work as Captain.    Paul requested that the Club bulletins, fixtures and results are included in this website pending a decision on the creation of a separate website for the Golf Club, and we are pleased to continue the good work.   New for 2007 was the inaugural match play event.    Click here for details.

May 2007

Roxburghe Outing – Friday 11th May 2007

An excellent turnout for the first outing of the season saw 18 members battling it out over the challenging championship Roxburghe course.

Ian Kennaway took the Smith Medal with a solid round of 79, whilst our new member, Mark Cadle won the Sanderson Medal with a net 72. (88-16)

A huge thank you to you all who took part in the first outing of 2007, particularly to our new members; Alan Gay, Alan McEwan, Denis Robins, Graham McCulloch and Mally Graveson.

Our next outing is detailed below;


Sunday 10th June – Kinross Golf Club (Montgomery & Bruce Courses - from 10.00am)

Option 1 - cost £53.00, includes; tea, coffee, bacon rolls, 2 rounds of golf, soup/sandwiches & high tea

Option 2 – cost £83.25, includes; tea, coffee, bacon rolls, 2 rounds of golf, soup & sandwiches, high tea & bed & breakfast (£20 supplement for single rooms)


Kinross GC have recently completed an extensive refurbishment of their courses, clubhouse facilities and pro shop. The stroke play round will take place on the Montgomery Course and the afternoon Texas Scramble on the Bruce.

Rooms are available on the Sunday night at the adjoining Greens Hotel as per Option 2 listed above, based on 2 sharing. These rooms will be offered on a first come, first served basis, should you wish to reserve a room, please contact Eileen Gray on 01577 863467 or via e. mail on;

Once again, I would be most grateful if you could confirm your attendance at Kinross as soon as possible, via e mail or indeed completion and return of the attached entry form. (Should you have previously forwarded your address details, please note you do not have to fill and return again)


We have now received 16 entries for the 2007 Royal High FP Match Play Tournament. You will find the draw and rules attached to this correspondence, please can the challengers now arrange to contact their opponents for the first round ties.


You can continue to pay your subscription and outing fees by cash, cheque or bank transfer to account number; 82-63-05 90485665.


I trust the above to be in order and look forward to seeing you all at Kinross.


Inaugural Match Play – 2007

The inaugural match play event results were follows.   M Cadle won the inaugural event by an undisclosed margin at an undisclosed venue

1st Round


2nd Round

Semi Final



P Dalgleish

S Mather


S Mather S Mather K Hutt  M Cadle

S Wardell

S Bruce


S Wardell

K Hutt

I Kennaway


Hutt K Hutt

M Freedman

A Hogg



E Dalgleish

J Mould


E Dalgleish A Beaton M Cadle

D Robbins

A Beaton



A Beaton

C Bryden

M Cadle


M Cadle M Cadle

A Gay

M Graveson


M Graveson

30th June

31st July 31st August 30th September  




1st named plays at nominated home course    

1st named must offer 3 available dates to opponent (2nd named)

¾ of handicap difference given 

Ties must be played by due date otherwise walkovers will be allocated

Only paid-up members of the RHS FP golf club eligible to take part




March 2007


It is with pleasure that I welcome you, to the 2007 golfing season with the Royal High FP Golf Club.

Some of you will be seeking divine intervention for this years golf (just like Zach Johnson) so I have taken the liberty of outlining this season’s outings below and trust you will look forward to competing at some of Scotland’s top golfing venues;



Friday 11th May –The Roxburghe Hotel & Country Club –

(Tee booked; 15:10 – 16:10 – Cost £39, includes round, soup & sandwiches)


Sunday 10th June – Kinross (2 rounds; Montgomery & Bruce)


Friday 6th July – Kings Acre


Friday 17th August – Archerfield Links


In addition to the above traditional strokeplay and stableford rounds, this year sees the launch of the 2007 Inaugural RHS FP Matchplay Tournament. As with all competitions, we are relying on you indicating your interest in the above in order to ‘make it happen’.


By the time you have read this on the website, the season will have commenced, but I would be most grateful if you could confirm your attendance as soon as possible via completion and return of the attached entry form, via the preferred method of communication – e mail. The Roxburghe course in Kelso is known as the Augusta of the Borders and for only £39 represents excellent value. We are hoping for a slightly drier day than that of last year!


As many of you will have noticed, unfortunately we have had to drop Elie from our rotation, this is due to the continued inflexibility of the Secretary at the Club who was demanding full payment in advance and an unrealistic minimum number of 20. The Elie outing has been replaced with Kinross, where the new Montgomery course is a more than adequate substitute.


Subscriptions this year will remain at £30.00, with members having the added convenience of being able to pay directly into our Bank Account (quoting; RHS FP Golf Club) via; Clydesdale Bank; sort code 82-63-05 and account number 90485665.


Please note that you can also pre pay for all the outings via this method, thus making it much easier (and more sensible given his track record) for our secretary, Mark Freedman, to collect the required monies.

I trust the above to be in order and look forward to seeing you all at Roxburghe.


Best of luck for the coming season,



2006 Fixtures

Tuesday 15th August 2006

Archerfield Outing – Friday 11th August 2006

A superb August day welcomed a great turnout to the fantastic Archerfield Links, hosted courtesy of Yuill Irvine.

Paul Dalgleish took the Brydone Trophy with 37 points, pipping Gus Beaton on the last 6, this is the second time in 3 years Gus has lost to a Dalgleish on a countback, hard lines to the big guy!

Thanks to all of you who attended this outing, it was great to end the season with both an excellent member and guest turnout.

End of Season Prize Giving Dinner

Due to popular demand, the end of season prize giving dinner will be returning this year. Our illustrious secretary is in the process of finding a suitable venue who will be prepared to host our motley crew. Thanks to previous deviants who will remain unnamed, the potential host list is short. More news along with a confirmed date will be with you shortly.

Sawgrass/Doral Trip – 2007

I am delighted to advise that we have had sufficient interest to proceed with the above trip. Costings are currently being collated and the logistics discussed at the end of season dinner.

Thank you for your continued support this season and I look forward to Mark buying you all a drink at our forthcoming dinner.

Paul Dalgleish

Thursday 27th July 2006

A fantastically sunny day saw some new faces and excellent golf over the challenging Cardrona course.

Paul Dalgleish took the Stevenson Medal with a scratch round of 79, whilst new member, Alan Gay won the Millidge Medal with a net 73. (97-24)

Thanks to all of you who attended this outing, I am sure you will agree the soup, sandwiches and course provided excellent value for money.

Special thanks go out to honorary member Geoff Freedman for gracing us with his presence and for yielding a hard earned £15.00 to Eddie Dalgleish, not a bad wad for a pensioner Geoff!

Our final outing of season is sure to be a popular affair, therefore I would appreciate your prompt response. Numbers at Archerfield are limited. Priority will be given to fully subscribed members and their guest

Tuesday 4th July 2006 

Elie Outing – 11th June 2006

A fantastically sunny day saw some equally tremendous golf over the well kept Elie links.

Cammy Stuart took the T.I.T (Thomson Irvine Trophy) with a tremendous scratch round of 69, whilst Mark Freedman won the Inches Medal with a net 65. (76-11)

A huge thanks to all of you who attended this historical outing. Thank you also to the starter at Elie who provided Gus Beaton with his ‘unique’ individual buggie. (see attached pictures) 

Gus also gave us this season’s funniest moment when trying to negotiate the steep slope at the first tee, he managed to roll the buggy down the hill, endangering not only his life but those of others around him. The clubhouse almost had its second demolishing in as many years.


Tuesday 25th May 2006

Dear Member,

Roxburghe Outing – Friday 12th May 2006

A splendid turnout for the first outing of the season saw 18 aquatic souls battle the elements over the testing Roxburghe track.

Jim Thomson took the Smith Medal with a tremendous round of 76, whilst our new member, Ian Kennaway won the Sanderson Medal with a net 72. (78-6)

A huge thank you to all of you who were in attendance, particularly to our new members and guests,

Our next outings are as follows;

Sunday 11th June – Elie Golf House Club

(cost £70.00, includes tea, coffee, bacon rolls, 2 rounds of golf and lunch, tee booked from 10.41am)

Friday 21st July – Cardrona Hotel & Country Club

Friday 11th August – Archerfield Links

After much deliberation, it was decided to continue our historical June outing at Elie for one more year at least, in order to sample the delights of not just the newly refurbished clubhouse but also the 19th hole.

Once again, I would be most grateful if you could confirm your attendance at Elie as soon as possible, via e mail or indeed completion and return of the attached entry form.

I have received 6 positives for the 2006 Royal High FP Match Play Tournament. I would urge you to consider taking part, as we require at least 12 members to participate in order to make this a reality.

You can continue to pay your subscription and outing fees by cash, cheque or bank transfer to account number; 82-63-05 90485665.

I trust the above to be in order and look forward to seeing you all at Elie.

If you wish to play in any of the events, please contact me by email, or phone me at one of the numbers at the foot of this page

Best wishes,

Paul Dalgleish.



Fixtures and Results


A number of competitions are held each year, a mixture of scratch, handicap and Stableford.    Records are held as far back as 2003.    Click on the link shown below to access individual years, then click back to return here.


2003 Fixtures and results

2004 Fixtures and results

2005 Fixtures and results

2006 Fixtures and results

2007 Fixtures and results

2008 Fixtures and results



2008 Fixtures and results


Date Golf Course No of Players Prizes Winner/Scores
16th May Dukes Smith Medal (Scratch) Niall Thomson  90
    Sanderson Medal (Handicap) Geoff Freedman  91-11 = 80
14th June Kinross Thomson Irvine Trophy (scratch) Niall Thomson  77
    Inches Medal (handicap) Charlie Brydon  94-19 = 75
18th July Roxburghe Stevenson Medal (Scratch) Alan Hogg  80
  Millidge Medal Mark Cadle 90-15 = 75
15th August  Archerfield Brydone Trophy Niall Thomson - 41 points
Championship Trophy (A section) Niall Thomson - 160
Lawson Trophy (B section) Eddie Dalgleish - 183
Challenge Cup Mark Freedman




2007 Fixtures and results


Date Golf Course No of Players Prizes Winner/Scores
11th May Roxburghe Smith Medal (Scratch) Ian Kennaway 79
    Sanderson Medal (Handicap) Mark Cadle    88-16 = 72
10th June Kinross Thomson Irvine Trophy (scratch) Alan Hogg   78
    Inches Medal (handicap) Mark Cadle  85
7th September Murrayfield Stevenson Medal (Scratch) Niall Thomson  78
  Millidge Medal Dennis Robins  89-16 = 73
17th August  Archerfield Brydone Trophy Mark Cadle  40 pts
Championship Trophy (A section) Alan Hogg   164
Lawson Trophy (B section) Mark Cadle  173
Challenge Cup Mark Cadle





2006 Fixtures and results




Golf Course

No. of players


Winner/ scores
Friday 12th May Roxburgh 18 Smith Medal (Scratch) Jim Thomson (76)
      Sanderson Medal (Handicap) Ian Kennaway (78 - 6 = 72)
Sunday 11th June Elie   Thomson Irvine Trophy (scratch) Cammy Stewart (69)
      Inches Medal (handicap) Mark Freedman (76 - 11 = 65)
Thursday 27th July Cardrona   Stevenson Medal (Scratch) Paul Dalgleish (79)
      Millidge Medal Alan Gay (97 - 24 = 73)
Friday 11th August Archerfield   Brydone Trophy Paul Dalgleish - 37 points
      Championship Trophy (A section)  
      Lawson Trophy (B section)  
      Challenge Cup  



2005 Fixtures and results


Golf Course

No. of players


Winner/ scores
22nd April The Glen   Smith Medal (scratch) Martin Bryden (79)
      Sanderson Medal (handicap) Paul Dalgleish (81 - 9 = 72)
20th May Archerfield   Brydone Trophy Paul Dalgleish - 35 points
26th June Elie   Thomson Irvine Trophy (scratch) Paul Dalgleish (71)
      Inches Medal (handicap) Stuart Wardell ( 76 - 6 = 70)
12th August West Linton   Stevenson Medal (Scratch) Paul Dalgleish (73)
      Millidge Medal (Handicap) Mark Freedman (77 - 11 = 66)
      Championship Trophy (A section) Paul Dalgleish
      Lawson Trophy (B section) Gerry McCosh
      Challenge Cup (The Glen & West Linton) Paul Dalgleish



2004 Fixtures and results

Club Captain Derek McLeod has released the 2004 Fixture list, shown below.   The venue for last outing of the year has been decided - West Linton is the Club choice.    Derek is also hoping to revive the Royal High Matchplay Championship this year, and requires prompt reply from members so that a draw can be made.    Club golf photographs from any era are being sought - please contact Derek or the website administrator.


Golf Course

No. of players


Winner/ scores
Friday 23rd April The Glen, North Berwick   Scratch (Smith Medal) Cammie Stewart (72)
Handicap (Sanderson Medal) John Mould (84 - 18 = 66)
Friday 21st May Alloa Stableford (Brydone Trophy) Derek McLeod (39 points)
Sunday 20th June Elie Scratch (Thomson Irvine Trophy) Jim Thomson (70)
Handicap (Inches Medal) Stuart Wardell (74 - 8 = 66)
Friday 13th August West Linton Scratch (Stevenson Medal)
Handicap (Millidge Medal)
Championship Trophy (A section)
Lawson Trophy (B section)
Challenge Cup



The Queen Elizabeth Team Event will be held at the Royal Burgess in September

The News and Dispatch Trophy team (David Hunt, David Millar, Alan Hogg and Stuart Smyth) performed creditably before losing to the Canny Man's team in the quarter finals.


2003 Fixtures and Results


Golf Course

No. of players


Winner/ scores
Friday 25th April Gullane No 2 14 Scratch (Smith Medal) David Millar (68)
Handicap (Sanderson Medal) David Hunt (73 - 5 = 68)
Friday 23rd May Monifieth 6 Stableford (Brydone Trophy) Stuart Bruce (34 points)
14 intended
Sunday 22nd June Elie 15 Scratch (Thomson Irvine Trophy) Jim Thomson (74)
Handicap (Inches Medal) Eddie Dalgleish (82-14 = 68)
Friday 15th August Harburn 13 Scratch (Stevenson Medal) Jim Thomson (70 - b.i.h.)
Handicap (Millidge Medal) Alan Hogg  (70-6 = 64)
Championship Trophy (A section) Jim Thomson
Lawson Trophy (B section) Eddie Dalgleish
Challenge Cup (Gullane/Harburn) Eddie Dalgleish

The Club Championship is awarded to the holder of the lowest aggregate in the three scratch trophies.



Photo Gallery

The following are a few recent examples.   Thumbnails and full-sized versions will be provided in due course.   Captain Paul will also provide the website editor with names of the enclosed suspects

Elie inc. Gusmobile   Elie 15th green   4 buddies (a.k.a. biggest pot contest)   The 19th hole
A copy of the first page of the RHSFP Golf Club minute book, showing that Mr I G Syme was elected Captain on 23rd February 1884   2012 Event - Location and names to be supplied   Trophy cabinet, photographed in 2012    



Contact Us

bulletCaptain (2010-13)   Geoff Freedman 0131 448 2333   07761 480182
bulletCaptain  (2009)       Niall Thomson    07714 677611                
bulletSecretary (2009)     Eddie Dalgleish  07768 334944                
bulletCaptain  (2007)       Paul Dalgleish    0131 555 4165   07799 347640
bulletSecretary (2007)     Mark Freedman                       
bulletPast Club Captain   Derek McLeod    0131 443 2731   07767 225 825






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